The OC Fair Home Wine Competition

The OC Fair Home Wine Competition has been in continuous operation since 1976. This competition, operated by the Orange County Wine Society, is accepted as California’s finest and most meticulously judged California-only wine competition which assesses every wine with a “double blind” tasting,  and judged for its faithfulness to the varietal. Throughout the rigorous judging processes, each wine is tasted by at least 3 different judges. Awards include medals: Double Gold, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Honorable Mention. We also name 4 wines for Best of Show categories including Varietal Red, Varietal White, Dessert and Fruit.

Professional Judging

Wines entered are evaluated by over 90 of our home winemakers and experienced wine connoisseurs in the Orange County area.

Only 1 Bottle

Entry is $15 for each entry, and we only require one bottle.

Wine Storage

Your entries are kept in a temperature-regulated wine warehouse prior to judging.

Online Entry

Entering the competition is easy through our simple online registration form.

About The Competition

This competition costs $15 per entry for any California Home Winemaker; we only request 1 bottle per entry. Proceeds raised from the sale of your entries help fund our Home Wine Competition, and excesses go to our enology and vinicultural Scholarship Fund.

Home Winemaker Benefits

The OC Fair Home Wine Competition is an educational event. Each wine is judged “double blind” on a 20-point UC Davis’s 20-point Judging Sheets, and we encourage our judges to make constructive comments. All judging forms are returned to the Winemakers, so you can see what comments were made in evaluating your wines. The cost is just $15 per entry, and only one bottle per entry is required.

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Judging will take place on either the 2nd or 3rd weekend in June and will be performed by panels of experienced wine connoisseurs. Judging is conducted “double-blind.” Neither the judges nor those pouring the wines know the identity of the wine being evaluated. Wine evaluation is done according to the recognized UC Davis 20-point scale.